Facade Cladding

Design – manufacture – delivery

MG specialises in creating a unique building envelope.

We offer a bespoke facade solutions. In our manufacturing facilities we are creating made to measure fabrications&designs. Our technical team provides end-to-end support and technical advice. We work closely with architects following contemporary trends in architecture and delivering easy to fix on site solutions.

In order to create and manufacture a feature that the best suits your vision we work with a wide variety of materials for facades products such as: stainless steel, colour-coated aluminium, perforated panels,  Rheinzink, Tecu gold, natural stone, glass and others.

As our works are bespoke we offer you a freedom of choosing your:

  • material
  • colour
  • shape

The main principle of a curtain walling system produced by MG is to keep the construction building safe. Our system is designed to deflect the wind and water away from the structure, provide a thermal barrier between inside and out and allow for a huge flexibility on the application. It can be used both in new- build structures and as well for the refurbishment developments.

Entrance canopies produced by MG are made in close collaboration with our clients. Our in house manufacturing facilities enable us to provide a solution truly align with your needs and cost effective. As a facade is the business card of a building we pay a close attention to make it outstanding. Tell us about your project.(odnośnik contact)
MG offers a whole solution for your facade we produce as well fixing systems, different profiles, L-angles, tophats and other structural elements.