Norms, standards, safety

Our standards guarantee:

  • Factory Production Controlled in Compliance with EN-1090 in accordance with Construction Products Regulations
  • Certification for steel and aluminium structures
  • Qualification of welding procedures
  • Qualification of welders
  • Quality assurance in welding operations according to ISO 3834
  • CE marked products

Safety in construction…

To increase the safety of processes and ensure the quality of our products, Mecen’s production meets the standards of European Construction Product Regulations (CPR). Applied norms set the quality requirement for the factory and determine the quality assurance principles of the products manufactured in our workshop. Our production is certified for execution of both steel and aluminium structural components & sets manufactured up classes EXC1&EXC2 according to PN-EN 1090-1+A1:2012.

…our top priority.

Mecen’s production meets quality requirements for welding both in serial and individual production. When it comes to construction, welding components are the key basis in regards to the safety of a building.